Saturday, September 13, 2014

Genssi Duely Floodlight Flood Grille Bumper Bar Light, who needs more light... in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the Genssi Duely Floodlight Flood Grille Bumper Bar Light 4x4 Off Road 20W, so i have to tell.

Genssi Duely Floodlight Flood Grille Bumper

Genssi Flood Optics - 4 LED light can be used for virtually any lighting application because of its small size. Perfect for mounting on grilles mirrors ATV UTV or any custom project. PMMA Glass Lens Shatterproof. IP68 Certified Against Dust Water Intrusion. Voltage input 10V-16V DC (Common Automotive Voltages). Read more or Check Price

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Man these things have some weight to them they themselves ab good enough. I only got to try have not yet installed. I'm going to put on my tractor behind the canopy. by Phototrekkin

Theze lights rock Way easy to install 2 super well done and waaaay bright.. if u need more light ... getum If u OffRoad getum .. Juz get um .. u b b willll not disappointed by chris


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